Star Gift Card Program Terms & Conditions

The Star Gift Card ("Gift Card") is offered by The Star Entertainment Group (“The Star”). EFTPOS gift cards are issued by Vii Pty Ltd ABN 83 619 963 263. Digital MasterCard Gift Cards are issued by EML Payment Solutions Limited ABN 30 131 436 532 AFSL 404131.

This page contains the full set of terms governing your use of the physical EFTPOS Gift Card and Digital MasterCard Gift Card ("Terms of Use") which are subject to change.

By purchasing, redeeming or attempting to redeem a Gift Card, the bearer accepts and agrees to be bound by these Terms of Use and acknowledges that they have read and understood The Star’s privacy policy which is available at

The Star Gift Card site ( and mobile application are powered by eGift it. eGift it is responsible for processing payments on behalf of The Star and uses a third-party payment processor that is compliant with the Payment Card Industry Data Security Standard (PCI DSS). eGift it has implemented Strong Customer Authentication in the form of 3D Secure 2 (3DS2). By implementing 3D Secure 2, you as a customer may be asked to enter a second authentication by your financial organisation to verify your identity. This process of authentication is directly between you and your bank.

Non-reloadable Gift Cards can be purchased on The Star’s website and sent either electronically to a chosen recipient’s mobile phone and email address or a physical Gift Card can be sent to a chosen recipient’s address. For digital Gift Cards, you can also select specific digital add-on products, including but not limited to digital wrapping paper, digital greeting cards, music and/or a recorded message. For physical Gift Cards, delivery timeframe is dependant of method selected. The estimated timeframe for Standard delivery is 5 -10 business days and does not include parcel tracking. Express Post delivery is 2-5 business days and is the fastest delivery option that includes parcel tracking. Lost standard post deliveries will not be refunded.

Accepted forms of payment will be displayed at checkout and include VISA & Mastercard. The Star reserves the right to add new forms of payment at any time. The purchase of Gift Cards and Add-Ons will be fully billed at the time the transaction is completed and approved. If your payment cannot be verified, is invalid or otherwise unacceptable, your order may be suspended or cancelled.

The card will be activated upon purchase at point of sale. Please allow up to 24 hours from time of purchase for funds to be loaded on to the card.

The card is valid from the date of activation. Based on variations of applicable state laws, the expiry period for your card may vary. The relevant expiry period is printed on the back of your card and you can also check the remaining period of use and the card balance. It is your responsibility to record the date of purchase of the Card.

The bearer of an EFTPOS Gift Card may use the Gift Card to make purchases of goods and services at participating outlets at The Star where EFTPOS is available with the exception of tobacco or non-tobacco smoking products. The bearer of a Digital MasterCard Gift Card may use the Gift Card to make purchases of goods and services at participating outlets at The Star where MasterCard is available with the exception of tobacco or non-tobacco smoking products.

The Star outlets where Gift Cards are accepted may change from time to time. To view a list of current outlets, please click
Gold Coast

The Card cannot be used to make transactions that exceed the available balance. For such a transaction you need to pay the difference by another method if the merchant agrees.

Gift Cards are not reloadable or redeemable for cash and cannot be redeemed for gaming purposes.

Any balance which is not redeemed within the validity period may not be redeemed after the expiry date.

Lost, damaged or stolen Gift Cards will not be replaced or refunded.

Goods that are purchased solely or in part with a Gift Card may be exchanged or returned subject to the exchange and returns policy of each participating outlet. Any refunds on Card transactions are subject to the policy of the specific merchant. If the Card expires or is revoked before you have spent any funds resulting from a refund (whether or not the original transaction being refunded was made using the Card) then you will have no access to those funds.

The bearer is liable for all transactions on their Gift Card, except to the extent to which there has been fraud or negligence by The Star or its employees.

If the present day’s date is selected for a Gift Card to be sent, delivery will take place as soon as the transaction is completed and approved.

In the event of suspected fraud or improper use of a Gift Card, The Star reserves the right to suspend (pending investigation) or cancel any Gift Card.

The Star reserves the right to cancel the Gift Card scheme for any reason at any time. In these circumstances, any cards issued prior to the cancellation or revocation will be valid until their expiry date has elapsed, or may be refunded at the sole and absolute discretion of The Star.

We reserve the right to change these Terms and Conditions at any time. These Terms of Use are to be construed and enforced in accordance with the laws of New South Wales Australia. For further information about The Star Gift Cards, please see the website:

MasterCard Prepaid Gift Card Conditions of Use

When we refer to the Pays, we are referring to Apple Pay, Google Pay or Samsung Pay and further, when we refer to a Device, we are referring to a mobile phone or wearable device that allows you to store a Card to the Device. Pays availability is subject to your respective Card program sponsor and device capability. Although the Card is Pays enabled, availability of the Pays is contingent upon the card program you have signed-up for. In addition, Cardholders associated with Pays enabled programs must ensure their device is Pays capable. This means your device must have the ability to store the Card and actuate a purchase.

MasterCard is not liable in circumstances where you have other cards stored on your Device for payment and you inadvertently use the Card when using your Device as a payment method. You must ensure that you select the correct card prior to using your Device as a payment method.

MasterCard is not liable for transactions on your Card if your Device security measures are compromised, where you allow others access to, or the means to access your Device or any other circumstances in which you allow others to circumvent the security measures of your Device.